Just Giulia

Chef Giulia Lombardo


Giulia Lombardo is the Executive chef at her family-owned pizzeria Lombardo’s, Vancouver’s first wood-fired pizzeria, and now considered a local institution.


Chef Giulia has been in the kitchen since before she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter.  She graduated from a local culinary school then took her skills to London, England where she worked under Wolfgang Puck at CUT 45 Park Lane, his first awarding-winning restaurant abroad.


Giulia is passionate about sharing her expertise in the kitchen with others.  She has held a series of kids cooking classes at Bosa foods and has made numerous TV and media appearances, including segments on Breakfast TV, Shaw’s That Talk Show, and regular spots on CTV Morning Live.  Currently Giulia is working on her Youtube  series, “Just Giulia,” where she shares her favourite easy-to-do recipes in fun, short videos which showcase her passion and knowledge of all things food.

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Apple Bread Pudding

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